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December 20, 2021by farooq

A dependable and professionally skilled Waterproofing contractor or company should have years of experience, an established brand name, and above all impressive track record of serving their clients with satisfaction and dignity. The company’s history guides to its quality of services and teamwork they provide you for your projects. Do check out their list of professionals and quality of waterproofing they offer. As far as waterproofing contractor in UAE is concerned, it’s always recommended to choose manufacturer trained team to carry out services. 

For hiring best waterproofing services in UAE, there isn’t one formula of choosing best waterproofing contractor in UAE, but few useful tips which can guide you to select the best and they are: – 


  1. References- Every reputable waterproofing contractor in UAE will surely have references from their previous and current customers. It is most common way where a customer hears about good and potential waterproofing contractors. 
  2. Company history- A certified waterproofing contractor in UAE will have illustrious history of accomplishing many important waterproofing contracts. 
  3. Awards and certificates- Every successful and renowned waterproofing in UAE is expected to have received many coveted and prestigious awards and certificates. In Dubai, UAE, you can easily find many successful waterproofing in Dubai who have been felicitated with list of awards, certificates and trophies for delivering brilliant services to their clients. 
  4. License and bonded- Don’t hire any waterproofing contractor in UAE who isn’t licensed and bonded. Every professional and authentic waterproofing services in UAE are supposed to met all licensing and bonding requirements. 
  5. Written contract- It’s very important and essential for you as well as waterproofing in UAE. Do try to read and understand each and every line of the written contract. The written contract should include details of work being done, estimate of time to complete job and estimate cost of the entire work being performed. 


Which company waterproofing is best?

According to latest market reports of year 2021, the best waterproofing contractor in UAE or waterproofing contractor in Dubai are-

  1. Ofixotech
  2. Blueseal
  3. Hepta
  4. Crystallineuae  
  5. Leakingroof
  6. Insulationdubai
  7. Watersealuae
  8. Utservices
  9. Rooftecsystem
  10. Waltonwaterproofing
  11. Vanitywaterproofing

What does a waterproof contractor do?

While hiring certified and reliable Waterproofing material suppliers in UAE it is very important to have idea of what type of work has to be carried out. Every authentic waterproofing service in UAE will be using different types of approaches to protect your basement from water damages. The common services offered are Spray-on penetrating sealants, below-grade waterproofing systems and interior draining solutions. There are some of renowned waterproofing contractor in Dubai who will provide services of combo roof waterproofing. It is comprehensive system which includes waterproofing, thermal insulation as well as finishing for the roof. This is Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) certified PU Foam system forms joint free waterproofing while thermal insulation is totally bonded to the roof slab.

Waterproofing services in UAE

The combo roof waterproofing system provides manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years against any type of leakage. The highlight of this system is that the manufacturer and applicators are same. Positively speaking, combo roof waterproofing system meets all modern thermal insulation standards and regulations in UAE. It is also acknowledged by all major property developers, consultants and waterproofing contractor in Dubai. Furthermore, the combo roof waterproofing system is also accepted by legal authorities like Sharjah Municipality, Dubai Municipality, and Sharjah Water and Electricity authority, and is widely used in many building structures.

The materials which are generally used in combo roof waterproofing system are asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, stone, slate, stone-coated steel, composite roofing material, clay tiles, wooden shakes, concrete tile, clay and slate. This system comprehensively decreases building’s proportional dead load by almost twenty percent and also allows operations to be finished in thirty percent shorter time frames.  

The basic job of waterproofing contractor in UAE is to select the type of waterproofing requirements for their project. For instance, for roof waterproofing, it is essential to use right insulation materials which can protect roofs from rain and dust. Now, for roof insulation, it’s important to select best waterproofing membranes that can provide right insulation system. In this context, the waterproofing material used are asphalt and bitumen-based liquid materials for waterproofing, while paints, membranes, and supplementary materials like chamfer tapes, mastic are advisable to use. In addition, few waterproofing contractors in Dubai also use tile plating and roof tiles for roof water insulation materials. 

Good and reliable waterproofing contractor in UAE can detect signs of damages in your home and office. The common signs of water damages are damp spots, peeling of paint on your basement walls and rust on appliances or tools. Every genuine and qualified waterproofing service in UAE will carefully inspect the entire basement area so as to address potential problems before they grow out of control. Do make sure that they work according to the written contract and finish the waterproofing in promised time. Do inquire about their licensing, insurance and warranties, to understand their style and mode of working. 

What are the different types of waterproofing?

Besides popularly used combo roof waterproofing, the different types of waterproofing provided by leading waterproofing contractor in UAE are: –  

  1. Cementitious Waterproofing.
  2. Liquid waterproofing membrane.
  3. Bituminous waterproofing.
  4. Bituminous Coating Waterproofing Method.
  5. Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing Method.
  6. Polyurethane Waterproofing.

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