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December 17, 2021by farooq0

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) linings and coatings is most useful for waterproofing as it protects the surfaces of your building and equipment, from factory floors and walls to concrete structures, chemical bunds and steel supports.  GRP linings and coatings are basically glass-fiber reinforced plastic composites that are produced by saturating glass fiber mat in unsaturated polyester resin.  Therefore, these glass-fiber reinforced plastic composites are used to protect a range of surfaces.

GRP linings are not only multi-purpose but are also robust in use. So, it makes them a good material for coating of variety of surfaces which includes metals, concrete, wood and glass fiber/GRP surfaces. GRP Lining Waterproofing in Dubai is becoming popular as it delivers a range of benefits to its consumers.


GRP Lining delivers a range of waterproofing solutions, some of its major applications are: – 

  1.   Used as waterproofing material for wide range of flat roofs.
  2.   Used as waterproofing material in manufacturing of Steel and GRP Water Tanks
  3.   Used as waterproofing material in manufacturing of Chemical and Fuel Bunds
  4.   Used as waterproofing material in Cooling Towers and Tanks (Sewerage, water and Chemical)
  5.   Used as waterproofing material in Drainage Channels, Gulley and Gutters
  6.   Used as waterproofing material in variety of floors and walls, both in residential and commercial places 

What is the use of GRP lining?

GRP lining is considered to be most advantageous for reliable waterproofing solutions. Its significant attributes help the material to be easily molded to any type of shapes, sizes and designs. As it is manufactured in range of colors and finishes, it holds great commercial viability in market. GRP Lining services in Dubai makes the best use of it in using in all types of commercial and residential buildings.

Besides providing unmatched waterproofing solutions, GRP Lining provides bundle of uses for contractors, architects and engineers in Dubai and they are: – 

  1.   Corrosion Resistant and alternative to wood, metal and plastic- GRP is weather and corrosion resistant, which makes them as most suitable for indoor or outdoor application. GRP Lining contractors in Dubai prefers GRP Lining over metal, wood or plastic, in delivering waterproofing solutions.
  2.   Resistant to UV light, salty air, abundant chemicals and extreme temperature- Because of its chemically inert and corrosion resistant behavior, both consumers as well as waterproofing companies in Dubai agree to the fact that GRP is cost-effective alternative to stainless steel for a range of applications. GRP provides a strong resistance against salty air, abundant chemicals and extreme temperature, and so it’s highly preferred by GRP Lining contractors in Dubai.
  3.   Aesthetically appealing- For every consumer’s delight, GRP comes in range of colors and finishes, which includes matt, semi-gloss or high gloss colored topcoat or gelcoat. For delivering superior finish quality, gelcoats are applied before to molded GRP. In highly corrosive environment of Dubai, the topcoat’s performance proves to be much superior choice to paints. It implies the fact that GRP can effectively protect your homes and offices from any type of water intrusion. In addition, customers will be provided with range of textured finishes, which is produced by adding a range of finishing materials. As compared to other building materials, GRP offers a lustrous contoured finish to deliver brighter molded appearance that uplifts the outlook and charm of any room. 
  4.   Easily Maintained- GRP does not requires any type of special maintenance and still provides superior waterproofing solutions all year around. As per the experiences of many GRP Lining in Dubai, GRP can be left unattended for years without the risk of any waterproofing failure.
  5.   Long Lasting- Due to GRP impressive chemical nature and composition, it can easy last for 20 to 25 years. GRP Lining Waterproofing is highly recommended as it does not attract dirt or other organic growths.

What is GRP water tanks?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water tanks are considered to be most reliable and robust standard water containment units in world market.  Now, GRP Water Tanks are considered to be ultimate choice for storing and distributing potable and clean drinking water. Therefore, GRP Water Tanks are highly recommended in school, colleges, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, commercial and residential places. These tanks are light-weight and yet sturdy with workable fiberglass design. It provides safe storage of water without any risk of virus, bacteria, contamination or corrosion. The chemical nature of GRP Water Tanks makes them resistant to adverse weather and external temperatures.

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