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We offer the best waterproofing and drainage solutions for homes, buildings, and commercial properties. We have been leading waterproofing company, plumbing and sewerage services for more than 30 years in the UAE.

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Best Waterproofing and Epoxy Company in Dubai and UAE ...
Best Waterproofing and Epoxy Company in Dubai and UAE ...
Best Waterproofing and Epoxy Company in Dubai and UAE ...
Best Waterproofing and Epoxy Company in Dubai and UAE ...
Best Waterproofing and Epoxy Company in Dubai and UAE ...
Roof waterproofing or Basement waterproofing in Dubai UAE
Roof waterproofing or Basement waterproofing in Dubai UAE
Waterproofing Companies
Roof waterproofing or Basement waterproofing in Dubai UAE
Roof waterproofing Dubai UAE
Roof waterproofing Dubai UAE
Roof waterproofing Dubai UAE
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    Being the top waterproofing companies in UAE, Ofixotech is pleased to provide the services to clients in Dubai, UAE and the surrounding area in particular. Here we have a group of professionals that are basically committed to offering the best service possible and producing long-term outcomes.

    A broad variety of projects may be handled by our team, ranging in size and requirements, and we provide low costs and adaptable financing options to obtain projects for a wide range of budgets. Regardless of the kind of business you have, we can help you with basement waterproofing to guarantee that your space reflects your values, ethos, and brand identification.

    Every one of our customers is assigned a specialized project team, and they are responsible for completing the internal fit out within the specified timeline, quality standards, and financial constraints. If you’re in the market for insulation and waterproofing in UAE, look no further. Receive a free estimate by contacting us now!

    Services We Offer

    Waterproofing Contractors

    As a best waterproofing contractor in UAE, Ofixotech can help you whether you’re moving into a new house or just want to make some improvements to your current one. Those who specialize in waterproofing homes and structures are called waterproofing experts. Safety and water-resistance are two benefits that come from using them. interior Contractors in the UAE that specialize in waterproofing will do all in their power to keep your house or structure dry at all times. Our houses and businesses benefit from the presence of plants and trees, which offer a dash of color. Roofers, landscapers, and construction firms may all benefit from the services of water-proofing and waterproofing underlayment-providers in the United Arab Emirates.

    • Combo Roofing: Ofixotech provides the best combo service in the United Arab Emirates. We provide the greatest designs for your homes, buildings, and business complexes. Here all our clients will get the best Combo Roof System Waterproofing Dubai of time. As the best waterproof foundation contractors, all of our ingredients are organic and safe for the environment.
    • Green Combo Roofing System: We are known for offering quality Green Combo Roofing System service in UAE. As a best saudi waterproofing company, we also provide a full protection, shielding, and sealing solution that complies with the newest Municipality Green Building requirements of Dubai.
    • Metal Roof Insulation: OFIXO TECH offers a complete answer to your requirement for the best Metal Roof Waterproofing Dubai. A cohesive and thoroughly integrated waterproofing barrier, as well as thermal insulation, is formed over the whole sheet roofing surface using spray treated polyurethane. As the quality concrete waterproofing companies, we deliver the best services to clients.
    • Membranous Waterproofing: The materials we use at Ofixotech are of the best standard and are ecologically responsible, ensuring that the ground remains dry and that all of the plants remain alive while conserving the stunning scenery of the surrounding region. Being the Membrane Waterproofing in Dubai, we make sure water will not leak through your walls or foundation if you use our Membranous Waterproofing services.
    • GRP Lining: Being the greatest GRP lining contractors in Dubai, we understand that GRP walls and GRP flooring are essential. Lamination is the primary GRP Fiberglass Lining. Clients may rely on our GRP liner services to meet their needs. Waterproofing Lining UAE’s helpful personnel can help you with any GRP wall or floor project. GRP liner cost estimations are available right now.
    • Epoxy Flooring: Ofixotech is the best epoxy waterproofing company in Dubai. Our team of specialists will supply you with the finest Epoxy Flooring in UAE. Here you will surely get the best epoxy flooring and decor in the UAE. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are looking for the best Epoxy Flooring. Services then connect with us without any hindrance.

    Interior Fit Out

    As the top interior fit out contractors, we seek to develop workplace designs that make it more interesting and involve the participation of employees. With our diverse and experienced group of designers and construction managers, we’ve established a reputation for providing clients with cutting-edge engineering solutions that are of the highest quality.

    When it comes to interior design in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we’ve been doing it for decades. We’ve completed some of the most tough and demanding assignments in our
    portfolio for companies in Dubai, UAE. We are certain that we have established ourselves as among the most reputable interior fit-out companies in UAE, with a diversified portfolio that includes work in a wide range of backgrounds.

    • Restaurant-fit-out: Connect with the best restaurant fit out contractors Dubai to craft your desired design in the limited duration of time. Our magnificent work can put your faith in, the process may take a long time and seem to be endless. With our best services, you can concentrate on running your restaurant rather than dealing with administrative responsibilities, saving you significant time and energy. Customers will be wowed by the stunning restaurant fit-out that we create for you and your staff.
    • Retail Fit Out: Without a doubt, Ofixotech is the best retail fit out company in UAE. We’ve assembled a group of professionals dedicated to delivering the finest possible service and achieving long-term results. We’ve worked on a broad variety of projects, big and small, as part of our retail fit out services. If you are looking for the best fit out contractors in UAE then join hands with Ofixotech.
    • Hotel Fit Out: A successful interior design of your hotel may be accomplished with the best fit out companies in Dubai. When it comes to remodeling an existing hotel, we are the best fit out company in Abu Dhabi. We are able to supply our customers with the greatest restaurant fit out options, exceptional advice, and shockingly reasonable rates.

    Refurbishment & Maintenance

    Among the services offered by Ofixotech are mechanical and electrical building maintenance, repairs and maintenance, condition monitoring, testing, and component replacements. With our administrative team and employees, we strive to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for customers while also optimizing their investment in our company’s products and services. From terrace leakage waterproofingto waterproofing insulation, you will surely get every service at a reasonable price.


    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    1. Seamless, easily cleanable surface. Because epoxy is poured, there aren’t seams, joints, or ridges like with tile or other types of flooring.
    2. Resistant to stains and water.
    3. Durability.
    4. Appearance.
    5. Cost effectiveness.
    6. Strength.
    7. Safety.
    8. Eco-friendly.

    The Benefits of Using Polyurethane

    1. Strong, lightweight and dense.
    2. Hole repair is completely concealed and unnoticeable.
    3. Completely ready for service within 15 minutes of completion.
    4. Smaller and fewer holes are needed to complete the job.

    Advantages of underpinning

    1. Improved Structural integrity.
    2. Enhanced ceiling height and lighting.
    3. Updating plumbing, electrical fixtures and insulation
    4. Increased value to your property.
    5. Bottom line.

    It depends on the project size, ususaly it 10 to 60 days job.

    25 years warranty for combo roof waterprooing. And Ten years warranty for memberane waterproofing.

    A sturdy, high-quality window well serves several purposes: it keeps water, snow, dirt, debris and animals away from your basement windows and out of your house. It prevents leakage, and keeps the dirt around your windows or vents from shifting or collapsing

    Sump Pump Benefits

    1. Preventing basement flooding.
    2. Helps protect from sewage backups.
    3. Helps protect your home from mold and mildew.
    4. Increased property value.
    5. Reduces humidity level in home.
    6. Can help minimize heating costs with continuous drainage system.
    7. Prevention of termite or insect infestation.

    An egress door is designed to allow an easy escape from a building in the case of an emergency or during an evacuation. … That means if your business has hallways and walkways that lead to the emergency exit, any and all doors installed along the way become egress doors

    Expansion Joints are a bellows type device. Expansion joints are used to absorb thermal expansion. They can also be used to absorb contraction in cryogenic lines and to reduce vibration in piping systems. Materials of construction for the bellows can be stainless steel or rubber or even a composite material.

    From 40 to 110 per seuare meter.

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    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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    GET IN TOUCHOfixo Tech Social links
    Get in Touch Via Following Social Madia Links.

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